Refinishing & Plating Company

                           Shipping and Handling

All orders will be sent USPS.  We will only send out packages UPS or Fed X if you provide  an account number. A handling and processing fee of $9.95 will be added to all orders.  If your package is bigger than a 12 by 12 by 12 box a handling fee of $11.95 will be added.   All packages will have delivery confirmation.Regardless of shipping methods used. Insurance is available upon request. 

                          How Do I Ship My Parts?

Please fill out the Shipping Form and submit it. (print out a copy for your records if desired ) Wrap each piece separately with packing material. Make sure that the parts do not bounce around in the package, because damage will result. Include a list of parts, name and phone number. So we can properly identify the packing form from our e-mail.


An invoice will be sent via e-mail or US mail for approval. Your parts will not be processed unless we receive approval on the invoice. If there are any changes they must be done prior to acceptance of the invoice.

                                  Payment Methods

We are only accepting checks and money orders at the present time. We do accept cash for customer pick-up orders only. (Please do not send cash by mail.)


Before you send your pieces please contact us either by calling us at (414)-481-2222 or emailing us at  Thank you