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Wax is a protective coating that we use for customers that want brass or copper finishes to age naturally.  Oil Rub bronze can either be waxed or lacquered depending on what the customer wants.  Wax does not provide any kind of shine on your piece.  

This service is provided free of charge with any order. 

Clear Air Dry Lacquer

Air dry lacquer produces a hard, durable finish with some shine.  We suggest you to use this lacquer for inside door hardware and other antiques. 

 This service is provided free for copper, brass and brushed nickel.  All other finishes there will be a 15% lacquer fee.

Urethane Lacquer

This finish is very durable and will remain somewhat flexible.  It is unaffected by most household chemicals, water, and alcohol. Urethane lacquer is very scuff resistant. This lacquer is best suited for bathrooms, kitchens and outside hardware. 

This service is provided for an additional charge of 15 % of what your finished piece costs.

Example      $75.00 minimum charge for refinishing

                   $18.75 urethane lacquer (75.00*25%)


                   $93.75 total cost of refinishing a piece with urethane lacquer

We can always help you to determine which is the best choice for you or your customer.


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