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Reasons to Replate

One of the reasons to replate is sentimental value. Other reasons to replate are being aesthetically pleasing to the eye, wanting a special finish, family heirlooms or functionality.  Whatever the reason we are here to serve your plating needs. 


Materials We Can Plate
We have the capability to plate items made of copper, brass, aluminum, pewter, zinc (pot metal and white metal), cast iron, stainless steel, steel,and metalized plastics.

This is a family business and we personally handle the pieces.  The first step is to electro clean each piece before plating.  Then the piece is replated according to your specializations (nickel, chrome, copper, brass, silver, or gold).  We have the capabilities to provide antique finishes. After plating we dry your parts then we can either lacquer or wax your parts for extra protection. 


Polishing usually is essential to the plating process.  We first buff the base metal of your piece to remove as many pits, scratches and other imperfections as possible.  Solid brass items can be polished and lacquer according to your specifications.

We specialize in replating and refinishing a wide array of products such as antiques, lamps, religious items, brass beds, stain glass, gun parts, piano pieces, boat hardware, statues, hardware and much more.  Once the replating and refinishing process are completed the products are waxed or lacquered (per customer request) to ensure a long lasting finish. Lamp and light fixture rewiring, is also available.
Specializing in Customized work
The finishes we offer are nickel (bright or brush), chrome (bright or brush), copper (oil rub bronze, statuary bronze, brush, bright and antique finishes), brass (brush, bright and antique finishes), silver (bright, satin and butler finish) and gold (bright or satin).  We have the ability to match your sample as close as possible.

We have the ability to repair antiques but each piece is individually assessed.

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