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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Do you do small jobs?

Yes, no job is to small

2.  Do you have a minimum charge?  Yes, our minimum charge for all finishes except gold is $65.00.  Gold plating (24 karat) minimum $150.00.

3.  Can we get estimates on our job?  Yes you can get estimates on your job.  Gold and silver is figured out by square inches.( The More Information That You Can Provide Will Aid Us In The Quoting Process)

4.  What finishes do you offer? 

The finishes we offer are nickel (bright,  brush, antique finishes), chrome (bright or brush), copper (oil rub bronze, statuary bronze, brush, bright and antique finishes), brass (brush, bright and antique finishes), silver (bright, satin, butler finish, antique) and gold (bright or satin).  We have the ability to match your sample as close as possible.

5.  What type of metals can you plate?

We have the capability to plate items made of copper, brass, aluminum, pewter, zinc (pot metal and white metal), cast iron, stainless steel, steel,and metalized plastics.

6.  Can you plate plastic?  Yes, we can only plate metalized plastics that are brand new.

7.  What is the turn around time?  Turn around time depends on the job please call or email.

8. Why Do Cast Materials Take Longer To Refinish?  The Cast metals are porous and need time to work out. 




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