Refinishing & Plating Company

We offer three products for you to do it yourself.  Polish and Lacquer.

The polish we use is Semi Chrome.  This is a soft paste polish for chrome, silver, aluminum, brass....virtually any metal.  Cleans to a brilliant shine and leaves protective film.  Net Contents (1.76 oz/50 grams)  Made in Germany.  $12.50 plus shipping ($5.15)








Nikolas Clear Lacquer-  Produces the finest air drying lacquer for the protection of tarnishable solid or plating metals.  We used this product for over 30 years and had wonderful results.  This lacquer is strictly used on metal only.  $15.00 plus tax (Pick up only)                                                              









NEVR-DULL-Cleans and polishes all metals including:silver, gold, brass, copper, pewter, glass, steel. aluminum and chromium.  Removes rust and corrosion instantly.

NEVER-DULL removes rust and tar from automobiles and motorcycle chrome.  Leaves no deposits in the crevices of metal work.

Excellent for janitorial maintenance, antiques, boats, airplanes, mag and chrome wheels, workshop tools, fishing gear, sinks, showers, and campers.

$14.95 per can plus tax 5 oz