Refinishing & Plating Company


                       Refinishing & Plating Company 

Family Owned and Operated

Established  1971         

 The Refinishing & Plating Company offers refinishing and plating services to private and commercial customers.        

                                    Services Offered

Electroplating, Polishing, Lacquering, Waxing, Rewiring and Repairing 
                 Finishes-See Finishes Photo Gallery for sample pictures
               Brass- Bright, Brushed (Satin) and Antique Finishes

        Bright, Brushed (Satin), Oil Rub Bronze, Statuary Bronze, and Antique Finishes             

            Bright, brushed, antique brushed or bright nickel


Chrome-Bright and Satin (Brushed)                          
Sorry we do not accept car, motorcycle or bicycle parts at this time

Bright and brushed gold
             Bright or Brushed (Satin) Silver, Antique Silver, 
           Buter Finish


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